Digital Marketing


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Class setting for a digital marketing course, showcasing students actively engaged in learning various strategies including SEO, email marketing, social media tactics, and content marketing techniques.

Course Details

  • Duration 50 Hrs
  • Lectures30
  • Projects8
  • Levelmedium
  • Students60
  • LanguageEnglish

About Digital Marketing

In today's digital era, businesses rely heavily on digital marketing to establish meaningful connections with their online audience. At Datapoint Computers Mulund, we recognize the significance of fostering an environment that feels like home, where learning thrives. Our Digital Marketing Course is designed to provide not only education but also a nurturing atmosphere conducive to growth. Through a hands-on approach featuring practical sessions, students delve deep into the realm of digital marketing, gaining firsthand experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. What distinguishes our program is the opportunity to engage in real-world projects, allowing students to apply their skills in a live setting and gain invaluable insights."

From mastering the intricacies of SEO to harnessing the potential of Social Media and Email Marketing, our comprehensive curriculum ensures students are equipped with the tools to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Moreover, our focus on practical learning not only enhances resumes but also prepares students to excel in today's competitive job market. Don't let this opportunity pass by - join us and embark on a fulfilling journey in digital marketing, where Education is not just a task but a rewarding experience.

CONTENT Of Digital Marketing

  • HTML

Syllabus Of Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Understanding marketing process
  • Why digital marketing wins over tradition marketing?
  • Understanding marketing process
  • Increasing Visibility
    • What is visibility?
    • Type of visibility
    • Examples of engagement
  • Bringing Target Traffic
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
  • Conversions Leads
    • Types of conversion
    • Understanding conversion process
  • What it is important?
  • Types of retention
  • Performance Evaluation what is important?


  • Understanding Internet
  • Difference between internet & web
  • Understanding domain name & domain extensions
  • What is web server & web hosting?
  • Different types of web server
  • Different types of website
    • Based on functionality
    • Based on purpose
  • Planning & conceptualizing a website
    • Identifying objective of website
    • Deciding on number of pages required
    • Planning for engagement options
    • Creating blueprint of every webpage
    • Boat & worst examples
  • Building website using CMS in class
  • Booking a domain & webhosting
  • Adding domain to web server
  • Adding webpages and content
  • Adding plugins
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • Introduction to SERPs
  • What are search engines?
  • How search engine work?
  • Major functions of a search engine
  • What is traffic?
  • Different types of traffic
  • What are keywords?
  • Different type of keywords
  • Google keyword planner tool
  • Keyword research process
  • Understanding keyword mix
  • Google operator: so that you can find anything by search command on the web
  • On Page Optimization
  • Keywords optimization
  • Content optimization & planning
  • Understanding your audience for content planning
  • Adding social media plug-in on web pages
  • Internal linking
  • Meta tag creation
  • Creating webpage in HTML
  • Using google webmaster tool & website verification
  • Sitemap creation and submission in website & webmasters
  • What is FTP?
  • How to use FTP?

Off page Optimization
  • What is domain authority?
  • How to increase domain authority?
  • How to increase page rank?
  • What are backlink?
  • Types of back links?
  • What is link building?
  • Types of link building
  • Do's and Don’ts of link building
  • Link building strategies for your business: Easy link acquisition techniques
  • Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits
  • Types of content on digital word
  • Info graphic, podcast, video
  • Importance of content market
  • Content scaling and social media in link building
  • Local SEO
    • Google places optimization
    • Classified submission
    • Using H card
    • Citation
    • NAP (Name address place)
  • What is primary keyword, secondary keyword and tertiary keywords?
  • What is the difference between keyword stuffing and placement?
  • How to write an optimized content?
  • How to write content for article, blog, classified, product review, and press release?
  • Top tools for SEO
  • Monitoring SEO process
  • Preparing SEO reports
  • How to create SEO strategy for your business?
  • Top plugin of word press
  • What is link Juice?
  • What is link wheel?
  • What is link pyramid?
  • What is domain authority?
  • What is page authority?
  • Importance of domain and page authority?
  • How to optimized exact keyword for your business?
  • How to optimize your site for Google humming bird algorithm?
  • What is the new and old algorithm changes?
  • What is Google EMD update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin, and EMD update?
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin, and EMD update?

Google Analytics
  • What is domain authority?
  • Introduction to Google analytics
  • How Google analytics works?
  • Understanding Google analytics structure
  • Understanding Google analytics insights
  • Understanding cookies tracking
  • Types of cookies tracking used by Google analytics
  • Starting with Google analytics
  • How to setup Google analytics account?
  • How to add analytics code on website?
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate?
  • How to setup funnels in goals?
  • Importance of funnels
  • How to integrate adwords and analytics account?
  • Benefits of integrating adwords& analytics
  • Measuring performance of marketing campaign via Google analytics
  • What is link tagging?
  • How to setup link tagging?
  • Understanding filters & segments
  • How to view customized reports?
  • Monitoring Traffic source
  • Monitoring Traffic behavior
  • Tracking corrective action if required
  • What is social media?
  • Understanding the existing social media paradigms
  • How social media marketing is different than other form of internet marketing?
  • Marketing on social networking platform/website
  • What is viral marketing and its importance

  • Introduction
  • What is Facebook?
  • Why This Audience Matters
  • Understanding the options
  • Marketing Yourself
  • The Business Side
  • Followers Interact

Facebook Profile
  • How to set up a profile
  • How to use profiles for business promotions?
  • Post Images - Size and Types
  • Post Types - Content and Links
  • How to use for Personal/Business Branding

Facebook Page
  • Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Page
  • How to created and Optimize a Facebook Page
  • Types of Facebook Pages
  • What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?
  • How to Install Facebook Apps + Best Facebook Page Apps?
  • Facebook Page Audience Setup and Settings
  • Create your own Shop on Facebook
  • Create & Manage Notes
  • Create Events on Facebook Page
  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description?

Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Page vs. Facebook Groups
  • How to created and Optimize a Facebook group
  • Facebook Page Audience Setup and Settings
  • Create your own Shop on Facebook
  • Create Events on Facebook Page
  • How to Manage a group and gain business and products through FB groups?

Facebook Ads
  • Elements of Successful Ads
  • Types of Facebooks Ads
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generations
  • Boost your Post / Pages
  • Facebook Ads - CAMPAIGN: Marketing Objectives
  • Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Set Up your Perfect Targeted Audience and Elements
  • Bidding, Budgets & Schedules
  • A/B Split Testing 101
  • Create a Post Engagement Ad with A/B SPLIT TESTING
  • Split Testing in Facebook: CONVERSION ADS
  • Split Test Images with Carousel Ads
  • List of Cheapest Countries for Facebook Ad Clicks
  • CHEAP Facebook Page Likes HACK
  • STEAL Competitors Fans = Brand Awareness + Reach + Page Likes

Facebook Pixel
  • What is the Facebook Pixel + How to Install the Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Pixels: What do you want to track?
  • Create an Audience for Facebook Ads
  • The BEST Lookalike Audience HACK
  • Standard Events or Custom Conversions?
  • Create and Install Conversions

Types of Facebook Ads - IN DEPTH ANALYSIS
  • Lead Generation Ads
  • Use the Facebook Pixel for Remarketing/Retargeting Ads

Local Business Ads on Facebook (Brick & Mortar Businesses)
  • Ads in Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Offers and Offer Ads

Facebook Engagement
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Create Page Likes Ads - MULTIPLE AD SETS
  • Posting Calendar - Planning is Your Key to Success

Facebook Reporting
  • What is a Relevance Score + How to Increase It
  • 2016 UPDATE to Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Insights
  • Learn the Power of Facebook Insights
  • Audience Insights
  • Audience Optimization in Facebook Posts

Social Media Marketing
  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important?
  • What Content Should I Share?
  • Social Media Management Tools: How to Cut Posting Time in Half
  • Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing?

Business Manager + How to Start a Facebook Ads Business/Agency
  • How to Get Marketing Clients?
  • Do I Need a Business Manager + How to Create One?
  • Pages in Business Manager
  • Ad Accounts in Business Manager

Facebook Power Editor
  • What Is Power Editor?
  • Benefits of Using Power Editor
  • Controlled Placement of Your Ad
  • Better Optimization
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Run Unpublished Posts
  • Navigate Power Editor
  • Create a Campaign
  • Name the Campaign, Ad Set and Ad
  • Click the + symbol on the left side of the page to create a new ad
  • Design Your Ad
  • Edit the Ad Set
  • Upload Your Campaign, Ad Set and Ad
  • Access Your Power Editor Ads
  • Power Editor Settings
  • Create Rules of Power Editors
  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Company profile vs. Individual profiles
  • Marketing on LinkedIn groups
  • Understanding on LinkedIn groups
  • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups?
  • LinkedIn Advertising & it Best practices
  • Increasing ROI form LinkedIn ads
  • Understanding twitter
  • Tools to listen & measure influence on
  • Twitter: Tweet Deck, Klout, Peer Index, Twallow, FlowerWonk
  • How to do marketing on twitter
  • Black hat techniques of twitter marketing
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Case studies on twitter marketing
  • Tools for twitter marketing
  • Understanding Video Campaign
  • creating first video campaign
  • Importance of video marketing
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing website
  • Using YouTube for business
  • Developing YouTube video marketing strategy
  • Bringing visitors from YouTube video to your website
  • Creating video Ad groups
  • Targeting Option
  • Understanding Bid strategy
  • Google Adwards Overviews
  • Understanding in Organic Results
  • Intro. Google adwards& PPC Advertising
  • Setting Up of Google Adwards Account
  • Understanding a Google Account Structure.
    • Campaign, Ad Group, ads and keywords Etc.
    • Types of Advertising Search and Display Ads
    • Shopping and Videos
    • Difference between search and display campaign.
  • Understanding a Google Algorhythems.
  • How to adwards Rank ads ?
  • Understanding a googlealgorhythems with example.
  • What is quality score
  • Why quality score is importnant
  • What is CTR?
  • Why it is important?
  • What is bid and how it works?
  • Crating a search campaign.
  • Types of search campaign-standard, All feature, dynamic search and product listing (PLA) Google merchant center.
  • Creating our first search campaign
  • Doing campaign level setting
  • Understanding location targeting
  • What is bidding strategy-CPC
  • Understanding different types of bid strategy
    • Manual
    • Auto
  • Flexible bid strategy
  • Pros & cons of different bid strategies
  • Understanding ad extensions
  • Types of ad extensions
  • Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
  • Creating ad group using tool
  • Understanding Keywords
    • Finding relevant keywords
    • Adding keywords in ad-group
    • Using keyword planner tool
    • Understanding types of keywords
    • Broad, phrase, exact, synonyms & negative keywords
    • Examples: Types of keywords o Pros & Cons of different type of keywords
  • Creating Ads
    • Understanding ad metrics
    • Display and destination URL
    • How to write a compelling ad copy?
    • Best and worst examples of ads
    • Creating ads
  • Tracking Performance/Conversion
    • What us conversion tracking?
    • Why is it important?
    • How to set up conversions tracking?
    • Adding tracking code in your website
    • Checking conversion stats
  • Optimizing Search Campaigns
    • How to optimize campaigns at the time of creation?
    • Optimizing campaign via ad groups
    • Importance of CTR in optimization
    • How to increase CTR?
    • Importance of quality Score in optimization
    • How to increase quality score?
    • Importance of negative keyword in optimization
    • Evaluating campaign stats
    • Optimizing with conversion report
    • Optimizing with keyword
    • Optimizing performing keyword
    • Optimizing with non-performing keyword
    • How to decrease CPC?
    • Analyzing your competitor’s performance
    • Detecting fraud clicks
    • Creating Display Campaign
    • Types of display campaigns - All features, mobile pp
    • Remarketing, Engagement
    • Creating first
    • Difference in search and display campaign setting
    • Doing campaign level setting
    • Understanding CPM bid strategy
    • Doing advanced setting
    • Ad-scheduling
    • Ad delivery
    • Understanding ads placement
    • Creating difference ad groups
    • Using display planner tool
    • Finding relevant website for ads placement
    • Creating text ads
    • Creating banner ads using tools
    • Uploading banner ads
    • Examples of good/bad banner ads display campaign
  • Optimizing Display Campaign
  • Remarketing
    • What is remarketing?
    • Setting up remarketing campaign
    • Creating remarketing list
    • Advertising level list creation



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