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Course Details

  • Duration 60 Hrs
  • Lectures20-25
  • LevelAdvance
  • Students25
  • LanguageEnglish/Hindi

UI/UX Designer Course

Course Overview

Welcome to the UI/UX Designer Course at DataPoint Computer, Mulund! This comprehensive 10-week program is designed to transform your passion for design into professional expertise. With a total of 60 hours of immersive learning, you will master the tools, techniques, and principles essential for a successful career in UI/UX design.


Figma Design and Related Plugins

Curriculum Breakdown

Week 1-2: UX Design Fundamentals
  • Understanding Human Needs & Wants: Learn the psychology behind user behaviors
  • Deconstructing Problems: Break down complex issues to find effective solutions
  • Researching Competitors: Analyze competitor products to identify opportunities for improvement
Week 3-4: Product Discovery & User Research
  • Conducting User Interviews: Gain insights directly from users through structured interviews.
  • Deriving Insights from User Research: Translate user feedback into actionable insights.
  • Building User Personas: Create detailed user personas to guide your design decisions.
Week 5: Problem Framing, Ideation & Validation
  • Framing Problem Statements: Define clear and concise problem statements.
  • Mind Mapping Solutions: Explore a wide range of solutions through creative brainstorming.
  • Validation Techniques: Test your ideas to ensure they meet user needs.
Week 6: Interaction Design
  • Creating User Flows: Design seamless user journeys through your product.
  • Building Information Architecture: Structure content effectively for intuitive navigation.
  • Building Lo-fi and Mid-fi Wireframes: Create wireframes that form the backbone of your design.
Week 7: Visual Design Fundamentals
  • Moodboarding & Design Systems: Set the visual tone and consistency for your designs.
  • Learning Typography Fundamentals: Understand the impact of typography on user experience.
  • Grids: Use grids to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing layouts.
Week 8: Visual Design Language
  • Understanding UI Principles: Master the core principles of user interface design
  • Colors & Patterns: Choose color schemes and patterns that enhance usability and appeal.
  • Layouts: Design layouts that are both functional and attractive.
Week 9: Motion Design
  • Motion Design Principles: Incorporate motion to make interactions engaging.
  • Adding Animations: Learn to add animations that improve user experience.
  • Creating Micro Interactions: Design subtle interactions that delight users.
Week 10: Prototyping & Usability Testing
  • Prototyping App Screens: Build interactive prototypes for testing.
  • Advanced Prototyping: Take your prototyping skills to the next level.
  • How to Do Usability Testing: Conduct usability tests to refine your designs.
Final Weeks: Portfolios, Interview Prep & Graduation Project
  • How to Build a Design Portfolio: Create a portfolio that showcases your best work.
  • Interview Prep: Prepare for job interviews with tips and mock interviews.
  • Graduation Project Submission: Complete and submit your capstone project.


  • In-depth coverage of UI and UX design principles
  • Hands-on projects: mobile app and website/dashboard design
  • Master Figma and related plugins
  • Conduct user research and build personas
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Visual design fundamentals: typography, color theory, layout
  • Motion design: adding animations and micro-interactions
  • Develop a professional design portfolio
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Learn from experienced industry professionals
  • Connect with fellow students and industry professionals


Project 1: Mobile Application Design

Design a fully functional mobile app from scratch.

Mobile Design

Project 2: Website & Dashboard Design

Create a responsive website and an intuitive dashboard.

Mobile Design



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jainel Doshi
  • Great

hey i m syjc college student,Avni mam from DATAPOINT COMPUTER from mulund branch taught me MS OFFICE course very well and updated my skills and made prepared for job.Topic covered in detail with lots of projects